ScoresOddsPicks is Now “The Canadian Crew”

Only the name and the affiliation changed. Previously ScoresOddsPicks, The Canadian Crew is a squad of Ontario based wunderkinds who built up a large devout following among bettors in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With several online sportsbooks in the region, they were recruited to make picks with write-ups for search engine optimization.

There was a major problem: the picks won. And won.

Then they won some more.

Clients were drawn to the sportsbooks, but betting those picks. The online books gained clients and lost money. A ton of money. The bookmakers learned to be careful what they asked for.

Once they were told to stop winning or else, they were hired by as consultants and continued winning picks via the MasterLockLine as part of a special arrangement.

Upon becoming the winningest source in the history of the LockLine/SuperLockLine/MasterLockLine, their role was expanded again as a separate entity.

As of January 4, 2010, they are hired by as their exclusive home to winning picks under the brand of, “The Canadian Crew.” Yes the same unprecedented picks winning percentage as ScoresOddsPicks, just a new, and more appropriate name. Now winning at outlandish rates is good and the only option.

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