Boise State-Nevada Free Pick

Your Friday free pick winner is on Nevada from Matt Rivers. They are getting 14 points from Boise at SportsBook

There is no bigger fan of Chris Petersen’s Broncos than me as I 100% believe that if this team runs the table and either Auburn or Oregon loses than Boise State is next in line, end of story. Kellen Moore and today’s visitors are flat out awesome. Doug Martin and Jeremy Avery can kill you with the run and Titus Young is a stud wide receiver constantly getting behind the defense leading to Moore touchdown pass after touchdown pass. Add in a stifling defense that has made this team a complete team, unlike seasons’ past and you have a beast of a squad taking the field today against the Wolfpack.

Boise scores 50 plus a game, is a perfect 10-0 and I expect them to make it to 11-0 after today. But and a big but here, Colin Kaepernick is awesome running that amazing pistol offense and to get north of two touchdowns at home, even against Boise, is just too much. Nevada’s offense cannot be fully stopped by anybody as they have a weapon at quarterback who cannot be accounted for.

I was watching a replay on tv of the game back in 2007 when Kaepernick was a young buck making his first start on the road in Boise and took his boys as the huge underdog into triple overtime before falling by a deuce to big bad Boise. This kid is flat out special and showed just that from day one of his Nevada career. He has led this offense ever since to numbers that not many programs have or will ever see in three years, no less one. Throw in a hard nosed back in Vai Taua along with Rishard Matthews and a few others and we are going put up points today.

As I said up top, I love this Boise team as much as anybody but the number is just too much to not take a shot on Kaepernick and a really really good Wolfpack team at home.

35-27 Boise.

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