Wunderdog Handicapper Continues NFL Domination

America’ greatest handicapper Joe Duffy and his sports service GodsTips went 7-3 in the NFL on Sunday. The winningest handicapper in the history of sports betting picks concludes an 8-3 week with the Chicago Bears.

If you were on the outside looking in, professional gamblers thank you for subsidizing the bookmakers.

CHICAGO +3 Green Bay

Long-time clients know we don’t like either Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz or QB Jay Cutler, but we let the facts and key indicators guide us, not bias.

With Ryan Grant out for the season, Brandon Jackson became the main back. In Week 2 against the Buffalo Bills, the Packers had only 91 yards on the ground. Grant’s loss is going to be a big one.

The shock is that Martz has used the short passing game. He has two good receiving backs in Matt Forte and Chester Taylor, and heavy blitz defenses leave big holes on the second level. The screen play has become a staple of this offense, and if the Packers continue to attack on defense, it could be an effective weapon.

In the early parts of the Week 2 game, Cutler was getting destroyed by the Dallas rush. Martz and OL coach Mike Tice made some adjustments—going to shorter three- and five-step drops—and he got the ball out quicker and started being effective.

Chicago is deep in the secondary the cover-2 that Chicago employs is built to slow down high-powered offenses.

It’s a big, big home game for the Bears and they enter with a ton of confidence. They certainly cover.

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