Huffington Post Fans Giddy at Dancing With the Stars Cast

Oh the football sports betting service picks are ready, but now the Dancing with the Stars cast has been named.

The CNN ticker people are giddy now that they have another excuse to have the name “Palin” in a front page headline 10-15 times a day. Oh the Huffington Post will have the venom spewing.

The Dancing with the Stars cast has been revealed and this season, it’s an eclectic bunch of characters that will be sure to get viewers tuning in.

Want to know what a conversation between Michael Bolton and The Situation would be like? Well, now we’ll get to find out. These two couldn’t be more different – and they’ll up against the likes of David Hasselhoff and Bristol Palin. What a crew!

Also included in the cast is former NFL quaterback Kurt Warner, The Hills actress Audrina Patridge (we’re guessing The Situation will try to tap that) and Dirty Dancing actress Jennifer Grey.

Recording artist Brandy Norwood, who hasn’t been heard from since her involvement in a 2006 car accident that killed another driver, will be strapping on her dance shoes in an attempt to make a bit of a comeback. Joining them in the lineup are comedian Margaret Cho, Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson, actor and former basketball star Rick Fox and That’s So Raven actor Kyle Massey.

Who do you think will prevail this season? We’re thinking Jennifer Grey has a good shot since she was in the movie Dirty Dancing and therefore has a background in dancing. We’re also thinking that a ton of Jersey Shore fans will be tuning in to vote for The Situation, no matter what his dance moves are like. Florence Henderson will play the “I can dance well for my age” card, and she was on Broadway for a long time, so she must have rhythm, right?

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