Forensic Sports Handicapping

A revolutionary sports service that experts say will change the landscape of sports betting  is celebrating three plus years of unprecedented winning: Stevie Vincent’s BetOnSports360 which is exclusively part of   Stevie Vincent is the forefather of “forensic handicapping” based on the principal of forensic economics. 

Already considered the leading authority on probability and statistics as it applies to sports gaming, Vincent took it a step further.  Captivated by a research paper authored by a University of Pennsylvania professor who used forensic economics to argue a significant percentage of college basketball games were fixed, Vincent used data mining software and a web crawler unearthing consistent patterns of when teams were likely to cover or fail to cover the spread.

However, Vincent does not believe the anomalies are evidence of underworld influence, but proof that not only are there distinct patters of when a team will peak and bottom out, but forensic handicapping exploits when oddsmakers overuse recent data resulting in “overlays” or “underlays” (bad lines) by the oddsmakers. He also believes some off lines are intentional in anticipation of predictably inaccurate public perception.

Vincent’s research answers one of handicapping’s great mysteries: how to weigh long term versus short term data. “It depends, but it is now ascertainable how and when to evaluate the fluid variables” asserts Vincent.

In short, forensic handicapping evaluates data and detects the confluence of team, oddsmaker and public tendencies producing an end product being the most scientifically valid sports selections ever.

Vincent is former Executive Editor of the popular scorephone “Tailgate Parties” and has been a consultant to several top sports handicappers

BetOnSports360 on takes sports betting into a new age with “forensic handicapping” using ground-breaking techniques employed successfully in other fields.

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