2009 SEC Preview From Football Handicapping Standpoint

As stated before, preseason college football publications do have some handicapping value, but only the sharp players know what the worth is from a handicapping standpoint. In short, we compare the preseason consensus to the sportsbook odds to isolate overvalued and undervalued teams.

Alabama is the overwhelming favorite in both the consensus and college football futures odds. Eight of 12 magazines project the Crimson Tide to win the division, with a ninth projecting a tie. The oddsmakers have them at 5/4 faves.

The oddsmakers have Ole Miss the second favorites at 19/10, just a small notch above LSU at 2/1. However, the annuals cumulative has the two flip-flopped by a small margin. While the oddsmakers have Arkansas and Auburn each at 13/2, the compilation has Arkansas the better team. Mississippi State is the unanimous doormat.

We rate LSU -1 meaning slightly overvalued and Ole Miss +1 at marginally undervalued in the oddsmakers eyes.

Florida is an eye-popping 2/17 at Bodog to win the SEC West, followed by Georgia at 5/1 and South Carolina at 8/1. Tennessee is 12/1.

However, the hacks have Vol Nation a comfortable third behind the Gators and Bulldogs, and South Carolina is a distant fourth.

Rocky Top is +2 on our cheat sheet, the Gamecocks -2 on the value meter.

While the magazines have Vanderbilt and Kentucky closely rated, the linesmaker has the Wildcats at 25/1 and the Commodores at 50/1. Vanderbilt is +1, Kentucky -2 on our assessment scale. Value ratings are -3/+3.

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