Sports Bettors Get Their Own Cash For Clunkers Bailout

The top sports handicapping site in America, has announced Cash for Clunkers program for sports bettors who purchased a lemon from inferior sports betting services.

“There are about 650 sports touts, handicappers, and sports services out there. Only 40-50 or so turn a profit per season and less than a dozen will for an entire year, all sports combined” explains CEO Joe Duffy, America‘s only Grandmaster sports handicapper.

He continues, “We are going to allow the disenfranchised bettor to get cream-of-the-crop selections without having to invest anymore money.”

It’s pretty simple. Gamblers will trade in their login information from their sports service and in return get MasterLockLine or Stevie Vincent picks for the same duration or until Aug. 31, whichever comes first.

“It’s win, win for everyone but the sportsbooks,” explains Senior Handicapper Stevie Vincent. Gamblers turn losing plays into winning plays and we know once bettors see our product, we will develop a mutually profitable relationship for years to come,” says Vincent matter-of-factly.

To trade their clunker handicapper for their choice of world class services, the MasterLockLine or Stevie Vincent’s BetOnSports360, gamblers simply follow these steps:

Email with your login information to your clunker handicapper

·        Specify whether which sports service MasterLockLine or Stevie Vincent it is being cashed in for

Often within minutes, receive login info for elite service Restrictions:

·        Vincent or MasterLockLine password will last until “cashed in” password stays active or Aug. 31, whichever comes first

There is no catch whatsoever. No credit card or payment information is needed. is confident enough “Cash for Clunkers” beneficiaries will happily renew at the end of their subscription.

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