New Year’s Eve Winning Bets

First night is the last day of a sensational 2008 for bettors, but 2009 promises to be even better as sharp players are winning more than ever and squares losing more.

Let’s take a look at who is hot and who has the big plays for New Year’s Eve 2009 betting.

Let’s start out with a source that is activated only on special occasions. Only when a sensational best bet falls on the lap of LateInfo is it live. Unlike your frozen Zune, it’s live but like your Zune it is “locked” up.

Our West Coast Source is the most well connected pro bettor in the world when it comes to “local” sharp bets across the country. Because of recent backward legislation, a large percentage of sharp info is being placed with outlaw books and below the Vegas and offshore sportsbooks radar screen, but not below our West Coast Source.  T

They have the LSU/Georgia Tech side. LateInfo is 79.2 percent winners in collegiate gridiron since its inception in 2001.

The LateInfo Line is now another part of OffshoreInsiders.  You remember them from their Freescoreboard scorephone days where they were documented over 85 percent with these rare plays. Click now to purchase

Let your drunken neighbors sing auld lang syne. We’ll sip on something from the Oster 12 bottle wine cellar and make a fortune.

If perfection is not your betting thing then no need to read any further. Keep picking 48 percent on your own if that’s what you are into.  For those who prefer winning over suspense, the power of 620 sports services behind every selection, the MasterLockLine is here for you. Staff Purchase Play, this is when we pay a major sports service to release a major play before the sports service itself does. Reputable and long-time tipsheet used by many elite handicappers and gamblers has their 2008-2009 Bowl Season Best Bet of the Year on their late telephone service. We have it for less than half of what they are charging on Minnesota/Kansas side

Easily the No. 1 in the land in NFL and CFB combined, a sports service out of the Deep South is on a stunning 79-32 run including 31-11 with High Confidence Plays. You Wake Forest right here Dec. 20, the Bills on Dec. 21, and the Raiders Dec. 28 and Oregon on Dec. 30 Two High Confidence Plays go today Air Force/Houston and LSU/GA Tech

Sports service out of Midwest is the No. 1 all-time CFB service in units won. Their highest rated plays are Executive Plays. They have two more executive plays including agreeing with the Staff Purchase on Minnesota/Kansas but also Pittsburgh/Oregon State

MASTERLOCKLINE EXCLUSIVE: The Dutchman is a former professional tout who in 1996 retired to a Hawaiian getaway. However the Dutchman still bets up to $10,000 per game and in an EXCLUSIVE he must report by contractual agreement every 10K personal real money best bet. He releases about 15 or so per year. Only his third bowl maximum real money best bet in the last five years on Boston College/Vanderbilt has all the top sports service plays from all the top handicappers in their highest rated sports. They monitor every single top sports service pick so you don’t have to. Best of all you get these same highly anticipated plays for pennies on the dollar.

Get more than $350 worth of sports service winning picks for just $16 on the MasterLockLine. Click now to purchase sports betting picks from the top sports services or you can get more information and a free sports pick

Our Bowl Underdog Game of the Year became a favorite once your sharpies bet it like it was already played. But we win even those who got it late as Oregon makes us 4-1 with all bowl Wise Guy plays and our recent Wise Guy run in 16-8 in NFL and college football combined.

Get a Wise Guy side selection, plus the first moneyline play of the postseason, an underdog that wins outright. Get six bowl winners for New Year’s Eve day now from the top handicapper ever in terms of units won. Joe Duffy is the only living Grand Master Sports Handicapper in American betting.

Screw Dick Clark. Oh I’m sure he’s a nice guy but there is so many better options tonight than Countdown to New Year’s Eve. Is Guy Lombardo dead still? There is both basketball and football to close out the old year with more winning and ring in the new one with Linda Cohn, Erin Andrews, Jesse Palmer, Craig James and Grandmaster sports handicapper Joe Duffy.

Alert: seven basketball Wise Guys and three Majors added. Leave New Year’s Eve “partying” to the amateurs. Stay home safe and leave your betting to the pros. Tonight, the ESPN 2 Game of the Month goes for late night North Carolina-Nevada. We also have the night TV game between Notre Dame and DePaul. DirecTV clients, tons more watch and winners.  Click now to purchase the entire GodsTips basketball and football card for just $17.

In entertainment and political betting odds Vicki Iseman is suing the NY Times for their unsubstantiated innuendo about her having an affair with John McCain. Bristol Palin gives birth to a son.

Stevie Vincent and GodsTips already have the New Year’s Day betting card up.

We close out with our 2009 predictions. If you are a client of world class handicappers you will win gambling. If not, you will subsidize those who win bets.

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