Monday Sports Betting

What a day to sit and watch television. No not just to follow the news about the Tommy Bowden firing at Clemson Tigers football and being replaced by Dabo Sweeney, the Tony Romo injury making Brad Johnson the Dallas Cowboys starter, or the Tony Gonzalez rumors, but to watch and win bets.

It’s the ALCS game three (betting preview) between Boston and Tampa, the NLSC between Philadelphia and Los Angeles and Monday Night Football between Cleveland and New York Giants. 

Christopher Columbus may have discovered America, but the power of 620 sports services behind every selection discovered winning bets. Marcia Brady sometimes known as Maureen McCormick may claim she and Eve Plumb has drug addictions, but if you are addicted to winning, here is the objective rundown of the top sports handicapping picks.

Jared Lindsey a handicapper out of Sarasota, FL is among the Top 5 handicappers all sports combined since 1995-present. Stats are out of 620 services monitored, rankings based on total net units won based on ONE unit per play. We release his 5* plays. He is No. 1 again in MLB from August 1 until today. His 5*s in MLB are now on a 29-10 run. Another 5* Devil Rays/Red Sox

Sports service out of Las Vegas is No.1 for 2008 in MLB. Playoff Best Play Of the Year Dodgers/Phillies

It applies again, the same MNF stat you’ve won with many times. Statmaven Sports is No. 1 all-time on as far as plays that have risen to the level to be re-released. Rankings trace back to the 976-LOCK scorephone. Like all elite sports service, Statmaven considers units won, not deceptive winning percentages to be the say to measure systems. However, the best ROI in sports applies on tonight’s MNF side. A super system that is 22-1 specifically on MNF applies tonight. However extended to all true national TV NFL Games (Sunday Night, Thursday and the late season Saturday games) the angle is a stunning 53-9 against the spread. Giants/Browns side

Kongpop Sukhibomrong, head of the famed Pan-Asian Syndicate which dominated Asian and European soccer for years has now taken over the North American sports scene. His group has now merged with Danny Ying of SuperLockLine fame. Pop’s syndicate is the most requested source of winners in the history of the SuperLockLine and MasterLockLine.  Today get the MNF over/under from the handicapper hotter than Vanessa Hudgens make out pictures with Bobby Bones.  

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GodsTips, the anchor of added the NLCS winner! We have the side and total for Monday Night Football up now, the Giants-Browns. If long-term profit means anything to you, of course you are already a permanent client of GodsTips. For the rest of you, we are ahead in college football and off a winning preseason, GodsTips is also way ahead in the regular season. Sweep MNF. Click now to purchase the best in the handicapping business for $17 Click now to purchase

The founder of forensic sports handicapping is on a 9-2 run in football. Get the Rays/Red Sox side, Phillies/Dodgers over/under and the Giants/Browns side. The Monday Night Football game is supported by a 100% angle and as always we tell you exactly what it is. Click now to purchase

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