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March 21, 2020

Contrarian Sports Betting Secrets Revealed

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The pre-show notes about the effectiveness of contrarian betting. Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of reveals why this handicapping tool is making a comeback and how to exploit it. Beat sportsbooks like MyBookie with this intel.

What is Contrarian Betting

  • Betting against the public
  • Uses basic rule of oddsmaking: odds not a prediction, but to get balanced action
  • Lines shaded to public biases
  • Betting percentages reveal public biases

How to Calculate Contrarian Betting

  • Most effected based on percentage of bets not money
    • $5 bet counts same as $5,000
  • Smaller bettors best for contrarian info
  • Public loves favorites and overs
    • Sliding scale to consider that
  • 55 percent on 6.5-point dog roughly equal to 70 percent on 6.5-point favorite

Public Sources of Contrarian Betting

Making Big Comeback

  • Legalization means media sites large and small making picks
  • Hire entry level writers who know nothing about gambling and post quintessential square plays
    • Tailed by gamblers
    • More neophyte gamblers than ever 


  • Best as corroborating but gaining traction as percentage of tenderfoot cappers increase
  • Get Joe Duffy’s Picks at exploiting all proven weapons

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