Super Bowl XLV Wacky Wagers Set for Steelers vs. Packers

There is not much that sportsbooks won’t happily set odds on. Whether it’s the 2011 Oscar Awards odds in which The King’s Speech, Colin Firth, and Natalie Portman are expected to win the big hardware at the Academy Awards, to Super Bowl wacky wagers, the bookmakers have it all.

Of course there are the odds that fantasy football gurus bet such as the over/under on just about every major statistical category on players such as Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Quarless, Donald Driver, Hines Ward, and Rashard Mendenhall.  Of course these are the most popular Super Bowl proposition odds.

But then there are the attention grabbing ones such as:

How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem? The over/under is 1:54. If bettors wager on the under it’s (+135) meaning they win $1.35 for every dollar risked.

Will Christina Aguilera wear a cowboy hat while singing the National Anthem? Yes is (+175). Remember the game is in Dallas Cowboys Stadium. How long will she hold the note “Brave” at the end of the National Anthem? Six seconds is the total posted. One can even wager on the color of her hair.

Will Fergie be dressed as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader at any point during the Halftime show? Yes is (+450).

How Many Times will FOX show Jerry Jones on TV during the Game?  Over 2.5 would seem to be a lock. The same 2.5 total is set on the other seemingly easy over of how many times will FOX mention “Brett Favre” on TV during the Game?

Who will the FOX announcers say has better hair on TV during the game, Troy Polamalu or Clay Matthews?

What color will the Gatorade be that is dumped on the head coach of the winning Super Bowl team? Will a punt hit the scoreboard during the game? Bet yes at (+750).

What will the TV rating be for the Super Bowl and which city Pittsburgh or Green Bay will have the higher ratings are among the other props.

Which Super Bowl commercial will have a higher rating on USA Today’s annual Ad Meter?

For more information: will certainly have predictions on the side, total, and game related proposition bets.

More Super Bowl 2011 Proposition Odds

More Super Bowl proposition odds for Super Bowl 45 Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay have been posted. These odds are from BetUs

Rot# Player to Score the 1st Touchdown Moneyline
3001 Aaron Rodgers (Packers) +900
3002 Andrew Quarless (Packers) +2000
3003 Antonio Brown (Steelers) +1500
3004 Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) +1200
3005 Brandon Jackson (Packers) +2500
3006 Donald Driver (Packers) +1000
3007 Emmanuel Sanders (Steelers) +1400
3008 Greg Jennings (Packers) +550
3009 Heath Miller (Steelers) +800
3010 Hines Ward (Steelers) +800
3011 Isaac Redman (Steelers) +2000
3012 James Jones (Packers) +1000
3013 James Starks (Packers) +700
3014 John Kuhn (Packers) +1200
3015 Jordy Nelson (Packers) +1000
3016 Mewelde Moore (Steelers) +2000
3017 Mike Wallace (Steelers) +700
3018 Rashard Mendenhall (Steelers) +500
3019 Field (Any Other Player) +500
3020 No TD Scored in the Game +6000
Quarterbacks must cross the goal line with the ball to be deemed the winner. All players have action.
Rot# Player to Score the Last Touchdown Moneyline
3021 Aaron Rodgers (Packers) +1500
3022 Andrew Quarless (Packers) +2000
3023 Antonio Brown (Steelers) +1200
3024 Ben Roethlisberger (Steelers) +1500
3025 Brandon Jackson (Packers) +2000
3026 Donald Driver (Packers) +1000
3027 Emmanuel Sanders (Steelers) +1200
3028 Greg Jennings (Packers) +650
3029 Heath Miller (Steelers) +1000
3030 Hines Ward (Steelers) +900
3031 Isaac Redman (Steelers) +2000
3032 James Jones (Packers) +1200
3033 James Starks (Packers) +650
3034 John Kuhn (Packers) +1200
3035 Jordy Nelson (Packers) +1200
3036 Mewelde Moore (Steelers) +2000
3037 Mike Wallace (Steelers) +650
3038 Rashard Mendenhall (Steelers) +500
3039 Field (Any Other Player) +500
3040 No TD Scored in the Game +6000
Quarterbacks must cross the goal line with the ball to be deemed the winner. All players have action.
Rot# Player to score Steelers 1st TD Moneyline
3041 Antonio Brown +800
3042 Antwaan Randle El +1200
3043 Ben Roethlisberger +800
3044 Emmanuel Sanders +750
3045 Heath Miller +550
3046 Hines Ward +500
3047 Isaac Redman +1200
3048 Matt Spaeth +1200
3049 Mewelde Moore +1200
3050 Mike Wallace +350
3051 Rashard Mendenhall +250
3052 Field (Any Other Player) +450
3053 No TD Scored by the Steelers +2500
Quarterback must cross the goal line with the ball to be deemed the winner. All players have action. Only Pittsburgh players.
Rot# Player to score Packers 1st TD Moneyline
3054 Aaron Rodgers +700
3055 Andrew Quarless +1000
3056 Brandon Jackson +1200
3057 Donald Driver +550
3058 Greg Jennings +250
3059 James Jones +550
3060 James Starks +275
3061 John Kuhn +800
3062 Jordy Nelson +550
3063 Tom Crabtree +1200
3064 Field (Any Other Player) +450
3065 No TD Scored by the Packers +2500
Quarterback must cross the goal line with the ball to be deemed the winner. All players have action. Only Green Bay players.

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Academy Awards Odds 2011

The Las Vegas odds are out for the 2011 Academy Awards at BetUs. The King’s Speech is the overwhelming favorite on the sportsbooks odds to win Best Picture, with only The Social Network given a chance at the upset.

The Oscars Awards betting line also has Colin Firth a virtual lock for Best Actor and Natalie Portman was the sure pick for best actress. Here are the odds on all the major awards.

Rot Oscars Best Supporting Actress Moneyline
301 Melissa Leo (The Fighter) -600
302 Helena Bonham Carter (The Kings Speech) +400
303 Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit) +300
304 Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom) +2000
306 Amy Adams (The Fighter) +2000
Any wagers after event becomes public knowledge will be no action.
Rot Oscars Best Supporting Actor Moneyline
310 Christian Bale (The Fighter) -1500
311 Geoffrey Rush (The Kings Speech) +350
312 Mark Ruffalo (The Kids Are All Right) +4000
313 John Hawkes (Winters Bone) +4000
315 Jeremy Renner (The Town) +4000
Any wagers after event becomes public knowledge will be no action.
Rot Oscars Best Actress Moneyline
321 Natalie Portman (Black Swan) -2000
322 Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right) +400
323 Jennifer Lawrence (Winters Bone) +2000
324 Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole) +3000
326 Michelle Williams (Blue Valentine) +5000
Any wagers after event becomes public knowledge will be no action.
Rot Oscars Best Actor Moneyline
330 Colin Firth (The Kings Speech) -10000
331 James Franco (127 Hours) +1200
332 Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) +1400
333 Jeff Bridges (True Grit) +2000
336 Javier Bardem (Biutiful) +3000
Any wagers after event becomes public knowledge will be no action.
Rot Oscars Best Director Moneyline
340 David Fincher (The Social Network) -180
341 Tom Hooper (The Kings Speech) -200
343 Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan) +1200
345 Ethan and Joel Coen (True Grit) +3000
347 David O. Russell (The Fighter) +3000
Any wagers after event becomes public knowledge will be no action.
Rot Oscars Best Picture Moneyline
350 The Social Network +150
351 The King’s Speech -800
352 The Fighter +2000
353 Toy Story 3 +5000
354 Black Swan +2500
355 Inception +2000
356 127 Hours +5000
357 True Grit +1000
358 The Kids Are All Right +4000
359 Winter’s Bone +2500
Any wagers after event becomes public knowledge will be no action.
Rot Oscars Best Costume Design Moneyline
370 Alice in Wonderland +110
371 I Am Love +1500
372 The King’s Speech -200
373 The Tempest +600
374 True Grit +500
Rot Best Foreign Language Film Moneyline
360 Biutiful (Mexico) -200
361 Dogtooth (Greece) +700
362 In a Better World (Denmark) +200
363 Incendies (Canada) +250
364 Outside the Law (Algeria) +1000

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Sports Betting’s Best and Worst Teams off Wins and Losses

Yesterday, we were two letters off. We stated that ESPN’s Chad Millman has renamed to long-standing sports handicapping tool of Margin of Cover as the “sweat meter.” He in fact refers to it as the “sweat barometer.”  By any name, the “Margin of Cover” (+/- how much they did or did not cover by) continues to be a betting weapon.

Now that sports betting experts know the top MOC teams in NCAAB to bet on or against, how about analyzing which teams in college basketball are best and worst off straight up wins and losses?

Cal Poly has been the top “predictably unpredictable” squad as they are 1-7 against the spread off a straight up win, but 8-1 to the number off a straight up loss.

Here are the best teams off an outright win:

Team Against the spread record

Hawaii                                    8-1

George Mason            13-3

Texas                          12-3

Cleveland State         11-3

However, the following teams can’t stand prosperity. These are the best teams to bet against off a straight up win:

Team Against the spread record

Miss State                   1-8

Ohio                            1-7

Miami Ohio                1-7

Southern Illinois        1-7

Cal Poly                      1-7

Michigan State           2-9

Who are the best bounce back teams? Only two teams have been particular impressive against the sportsbook odds off a straight up setback:

Team Against the spread record

Cal Poly                      8-1

San Francisco             7-1

Conversely, losing is quite contagious for these spread disasters. Here are the worst teams to bet on—or the best teams to bet against off a straight up loss.

Team Against the spread record

Fordham                    1-8

Texas Tech                 1-7

Florida Intl.                1-7

Arkansas State           1-7

San Diego                   3-13

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Free Basketball Pick Against the Point Spread Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a pick Thursday on the Miami Hurricanes (-5.5) to Georgia Tech.

Reasoning: The very young Yellow Jackets have been half a disgrace at times this season and especially away from Hotlanta. Miami is not much better than mediocre but they do have quality guard play and being in South Beach should be too much for G Tech. In fact just being anywhere outside of their home element should be too much for G Tech.

Paul Hewitt has not coached his team up very well and right now the Jackets are a lower echelon ACC squad that has been awful. They have shown some glimpses at the Thrillerdome as Iman Shumpert, Daniel Miller, Glen Rice and a few others have manned up to beat North Carolina and play better at times against others but the road has been a different story and until they show anything really should lose by double digits against any opponent that has anything at all.

Tech is a perfect or imperfect 0-6 on the road and none of the games have even been that competitive. They lost to a dreadful team in Kennesaw State earlier in the season and were also downed by five by a regressing Siena program. The Saints are far from being the class of the MAAC anymore and all in all Tech has been brutally bad away and just cannot in any way, shape of form be trusted in such a spot.

Miami is 12-9 and if a few extremely tight games went their way it would be more like 15-6. This team has played a plethora of games that have come down to the last possession and they have been snakebitten with the results. But they have quality guard play led by Malcolm Grant and today is the game that they should get well with.

There is the potential for a blowout but in the end blowout or not I don’t see these visitors being able to compete. They haven’t yet so why tonight?

Top expert pick on this game: Miami Florida

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Super Bowl Prop Odds and Picks

Much like March Madness, the Super Bowl is always the time of the year where a large percentage of American’s wager in one way or another. Whether it’s the pedestrian “squares” pool that omnipresent at seemingly every Super Bowl party, the prop bets exploited by fantasy football players, or most importantly the point spread picks and the over/under selections on the Packers vs. Steelers game itself, significant money will change hands this weekend.

Not uncommon, the public is betting the favorite and the over thus far. Green Bay is up to a (-2.5 -120) favorite and the total is now as high as 45 at some sportsbooks.

Some of the best proposition bets:

Jordy Nelson (Green Bay) pass receptions: over 3 -148

Pittsburgh has the best run defense in the NFL. With top RB Ryan Grant and TE Jermichael Finley long gone, possession receiver Nelson is the Pack’s best ball control alternative. He is likely to be a big hot read option. The pick should be in by halftime.

James Starks (Green Bay) rushing yards: under 45.5 +129

The Steelers allow 3.0 yards per rush to teams normally getting 4.1. Only twice in his entire career has Starks rushed for more than 3.5 yards per carry. Now in the biggest game of his life, the rookie faces the best run defense in the NFL. He will be lucky to get 20 yards rushing.

Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh) passing attempts: over 30.5 -135

It is considered to be a “fast track” at Cowboys Stadium. The AFC Championship ended 14 straight games in which Pittsburgh passed at least 27 times. Pittsburgh barely escaped a historic meltdown against the Jets by getting Marty Schottenheimer conservative. They finally put the game away with a couple of completions.

We don’t see the Steelers getting too conservative with the lead. But if the oddsmakers are correct, the Men of Steele will probably be behind in the fourth quarter, making it more likely they will throw often.

There are already some wacky wagers up such as what will be higher Aaron Rodgers completions or Dwayne Wade points. Bettors can bet the higher number: Aaron Rodgers completion percentage or Dwight Howard free throw percentage.

How about Andrew Quarless receiving yards or Jared Sullinger (Ohio State) points or Ben Roethlisberger completions vs. Paul Pierce points?

There will certainly be odds on the length of the national anthem, not to mention Super Bowl commercial props. “Personally, I never worry about prop bets, it’s all about who covers,” opines sports handicapper Stevie Vincent.

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Matt Rivers Free Pick

Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers has a sports pick Wednesday on George Washington (+16) at Duquesne.

Reasoning: I will give this Duquesne team a ton of credit for being completely dominant of late, as they have blown up in a great way. The Dukes are legit and probably deserve a top 25 ranking and as of right now are an at-large tournament team. They’re 15-5 overall and a perfect 7-0 in the A-10. Bill Clark, Damien Saunders and the rest of the Dukes have been smacking around all comers of late and should be an extremely confident team. Tonight at home they will improve to 8-0 in conference but at some point this somewhat overachieving run will have to come to an end.

Duquesne is not really 10 straight win good or beating Temple easily good, which they did, and right now are a tad overvalued because of this recent run. George Washington is extremely mediocre and not the team that can go on the road and win in a spot such as this one but the Colonials have been very good defensively and have been playing games in the 50’s and 60’s on a regular basis. I don’t expect that here but if they can only allow about 20 points more than normal, which is a ton, and keep the Dukes in possibly the 70’s I don’t see why the visitors can’t stay within single digits, no less this gaudy number.

GW has allowed 46, 81, 62, 68, 67, 52, 71, 67, 50 and 57 over the past few weeks. I’m not saying these guys are a lockdown team that is great but Karl Hobbs has been preaching the d and if they can even do a little bit of defending today then this low post is going to prove to be way too large.

It will be a 78-68 final!

Top expert pick on this game: George Washington

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Sweat Barometer, Better Known at Margin of Cover Report, NBA Rest

The margin-of-cover standings have some clear-cut undervalued and overvalued teams. The top sports betting service in the world has another Wise Guy winner and today’s NBA schedule features some rested versus unrested matchups including one of the NBATV games.

Now to the NBA rest report:

Pacers vs. Cavaliers

Cleveland is playing their third game in four nights.

Hornets vs. Thunder

New Orleans is playing their third game in four nights, fourth in five nights and playing back-to-back nights.

Blazers vs. Nuggets

Portland is playing back-to-back nights while Denver is playing their third game in four nights.

Rockets vs. Jazz

Houston is playing back-to-back nights, while Utah is playing their third game in four nights.

Here is a Margin of Cover (MOC) breakdown for NCAA basketball. Renamed “sweat meter” in Chad Millman of ESPN’s column, MOC is similar to scoring margin, but it is measured by how much a team covers or fails to cover the point spread.

Many sports handicappers believe MOC is invaluable in isolating under and overvalued teams.

At 11-2-1 against the spread, Duquesne has the best MOC in the nation at (+7.5).  The Longhorns of Texas have been kind to bettors at 14-3 to the number and a (+6.9) MOC.

The only other team with at least 10 lined games and a MOC of 5.0 or better is Connecticut, which has exactly a (+5.0) margin at 10-4 in the back pocket.

Texas Tech has the worst MOC at (-5.6) and a terrible 5-13 record according to the sportsbooks. With a 5-9 point spread record, Central Florida is second worst with a (-5.4) deficit.

No other regular rotation team has a negative 5.0 or worse, but Ohio at (-4.8) and Michigan State at (-4.7) are next on the Vegas shame list.

Top expert pick on tonight’s card:  The greatest just keeps winning. A push on Florida, but a huge moneyline winner on Portland (+186) on the moneyline wins for GodsTips. That’s 57-34 overall, which includes several moneyline underdogs.

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