New York Yankees Are the Free Sports Bet Pick Says Handicapper Expert Senior Sports Handicapper Matt Rivers Saturday is on the NY Yankees (+120) Seattle.

Reasoning: Felix Hernandez is the reigning Cy Young award winner and a guy who can be lights out a lot of the time. Certainly King Felix is better than Ivan Nova and the Mariners have been playing better ball than most thought they were capable of unlike the Yankees who continue to be very mediocre for the Yankees. But all in all the New Yorkers are the far superior lineup and I don’t mind Nova as the guy is pretty good. He is not Felix Hernandez good but against the punch and judy Mariners I can see Nova match the Cat goose egg for goose egg.

Arod, Teixeira, Cano, Swisher, Jeter and the rest of the Pinstripers plus money is never a bad play. These guys are powerful and potentially great in any situation so to get some coin back against Ichiro and the well inferior Mariners is a total must play in the end, even if they have a superstar on the bump.

Hernandez hardly ever allows more than a few runs in any start and he may be very good once again here but it’s still the 90 plus win Yankees with a decent enough pitcher against a Seattle team that is a 70-75 win club. Therefore Felix Hernandez or no Felix Hernandez I’ll back the far better visitors at this price and take my chances.

Top expert pick on this game: NY Yankees

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