Sportsbooks: MLB Likely to Be Played; Trump’s Chances of Winning White House on Rise

Will there be an MLB season? SportsBetting says yes. Bettors have odds of yes -300 and no at +200. The line opened at -500 and was wisely bet down.

Despite bipartisan criticism of President Trump’s handling of the nationwide protests and riots, he is still likely to take the White House according to Bovada.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party have seized the momentum with five months left to go before the 2020 US Presidential Election. Trump is the –120 favorite at press time to retain the presidency, and his Republicans are now –125 to be the winning party; they were tied with the Democrats in May.

Sports handicapper Joe Duffy, CEO of believes the combination of Trump’s handling of the Covid and George Floyd crisis and the Dem’s surprising nomination of Biden, make the Democrats the favorites.

“Had Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren gotten the nomination, Trump wins in a landslide,” but he adds, “Biden is the most centrist Democratic nominee since JFK. He should be -140.”

Bet on politics at Bovada and get a free 50% bonus. This election is still pretty much a toss-up according to those odds; however, the Margin of Victory futures suggest an even deeper lean towards the incumbent. Of all the potential margins on odds board, the Republicans winning by 101-149 electoral votes is the favorite at +600, followed by a 60-99 margin at +750. Tied for third at +800 are the Dems winning by the same two margins. The optics may not look good for Trump and the Republicans, but the current situation is at least somewhat reminiscent of 1968, when protests/riots swept across America.

While that year’s popular vote was very close, Hubert H. Humphrey and the fractured Democratic Party lost by 110 electoral votes to the GOP, with Richard Nixon running a “law and order” platform courting conservatives in the South. Get your politics odds at Bovada today.



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