Where Will Bronny James Wind Up? Odds Have it

With LeBron James inking a two-year extension to stay with the Lakers, the speculation is on as to whether or not Bronny James will stay close to home and ultimately play with his pop.

SportsBetting  set odds on where Bronny will play college basketball (if he chooses to do so), and an L.A.-based school is the favorite. 

Additionally, there is a prop bet asking whether or not LeBron and his son will ever play on the same NBA team. Outlook…quite good.

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Bronny James odds will be updated in real-time on this page: 

Will LeBron and Bronny James ever play on the same NBA team?

Yes -300

No +200

Bronny James College Program

UCLA               +100

Oregon            +125

North Carolina +400

USC                 +600

Michigan State+750

Duke                +800

Kentucky         +1000

Kansas             +1200

Ohio State       +1400

Michigan         +1800

100K Survivor Pool Details Unleashed

The MYBookie $100K Survivor Pool begins Week 1 (Thursday, September 8th) of the 2022 NFL regular season. Each week, contestants must select one team to win its game outright. Point spreads are irrelevant.

If the selected team wins, the entry remains alive and the contestant selects a team for the following week. If the selected team loses or ties, the contestant entry is eliminated.

Once a team is selected for a week, that team is not available for selection for the remainder of the contest. The contestant(s) that selects winning teams the longest, without selecting a losing team, is the $100K Survivor Pool winner.

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Who Turned on Trump? Oddsmakers Have a Good Idea; Bet on it

It’s no secret that Dana White is a friend and strong supporter of former president Donald Trump.

This week, there has been much speculation surrounding the mole who tipped off the FBI, which ultimately led to the raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

Some have pointed toward Jared Kushner while others suspect Mark Meadows. But could it have been Uncle Dana?

White’s odds from SportsBetting  are rather long (125-1) so the book believes it’s unlikely, but, hey, we’ve seen crazier things happen.

The only other name associated with sports on the list of 45 potential moles below is Jack Nicklaus. 

If you are able to use this information, please consider citing the source.

Mar-a-Lago Mole Odds

Tom Barrack               +250

Mark Meadows           +325

Jared Kushner             +400

Jim Jordan                   +1400

Matt Gaetz                  +1400

Rudy Giuliani               +1400

Steve Bannon              +1400

John Eastman              +2800

Ivanka Trump              +3500

Michael Flynn Sr.        +3500

Christopher Miller      +4000

Kash Patel                   +4000

Kelly-Anne Conway     +5000

Mike Lindell                +5000

Paul Manafort             +5000

Tiffany Trump             +6500

Stormy Daniels            +6900

Kayleigh McEneny      +7500

Melania Trump           +7500

Benjamin Netanyahu  +10000

Elon Musk                   +10000

Roger Stone                +10000

Sidney Powell             +10000

Dana White                +12500

Marco Rubio               +12500

Alex Jones                   +15000

Corey Lewandoswki    +15000

Donald Trump Jr.        +15000

Eric Trump                  +15000

Ghislaine Maxwell      +15000

Kanye West                 +15000

Kid Rock                      +15000

Lara Trump                 +15000

Mike Pence                 +15000

Nigel Farage                +15000

Jon Voight                   +20000

Kevin McCarthy          +20000

Rand Paul                    +20000

Ron DeSantis               +20000

Scott Baio                    +20000

Ted Nugent                 +20000

Vladimir Putin             +20000

Billy Bush                    +25000

Jack Nicklaus               +25000

Joe Rogan                    +25000

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Top 25 College Football Compared to Oddsmakers

When comparing the College Football Playoff odds against the AP Poll rankings released today, there is no disconnect in the Top 4 teams as both sets align perfectly.

But after that, there is a good amount of disparity between the bookies and the media. 

SportsBetting lists USC with the fifth-best odds in the country at 14-1, but the Trojans are ranked No. 14 in the poll. 

Notre Dame and Utah are fifth and seventh in the poll, but seventh and 10th on the odds board.

Texas is the biggest anomaly. The Longhorns will start the season unranked, but they are tied for the 10th-best CFP odds.

Pittsburgh and BYU have extremely high odds compared to their rankings while teams like Auburn, LSU Florida, Penn State, Tennessee, and Florida State are in the Top 25 of odds but absent from the AP Poll.

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AP Top 25 (with odds)

1. Alabama      (+210)

2. Ohio State   (+350)

3. Georgia       (+475)

4. Clemson      (+800)

5. Notre Dame (+5000)

6. Texas A&M  (+2500)

7. Utah            (+6600)

8. Michigan     (+8000)

9. Oklahoma   (+5000)

10. Baylor        (+15000)

11. Oregon      (+10000)

12. OK State    (+15000)

13. NC State    (+10000)

14. USC           (+1400)

15. MSU          (+15000)

16. Miami        (+6600)

17. Pittsburgh (+30000)

18. Wisconsin (+10000)

19. Arkansas   (+15000)

20. Kentucky   (+15000)

21. Ole Miss    (+10000)

23. Cincinnati  (+20000)

24. Houston    (+25000)

25. BYU           (+50000)

CFP Odds Top 25 (with ties)

Alabama                      +210

Ohio State                   +350

Georgia                       +475

Clemson                      +800

USC                             +1400

Texas A&M                 +2500

Notre Dame                +5000

Oklahoma                   +5000

Miami (FL)                   +6600

Texas                           +6600

Utah                            +6600

Auburn                        +7500

LSU                              +8000

Michigan                     +8000

Florida                         +10000

NC State                      +10000

Ole Miss                      +10000

Oregon                        +10000

Penn State                  +10000

Wisconsin                   +10000

Tennessee                   +12500

Arkansas                     +15000

Baylor                          +15000

Florida State               +15000

Kentucky                     +15000

Michigan State            +15000

Oklahoma State          +15000

South Carolina            +15000

Top MLB teams to bet On, Against; Best Over and Under Teams

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Top MLB teams to bet on this year based on units won.

Team       Money won or lost
NY Mets1752
LA Dodgers958

Best fades/worst teams to bet on

Team       Money won or lost
LA Angels-1854
Miami -1817
Detroit -1459
San Francisco -1228
Cubs -1255

 Based on $100 per bet

Top over teams

Team       OU Record (overs-under)                                         OU margin
Texas 57-49-8.8 RPG
NY Mets57-49-8.5
Atlanta 58-51-7.3
San Francisco 57-51-6+1.1 

 Top under teams

Team       OU Record (overs-under)                                         OU margin
Detroit 41-65-10-.5
LA Dodgers 46-57-100
LA Angels48-58-9-.2

NFL QB Competition Odds Updated After Week 1 Games

Kenny Pickett’s game-sealing drive wasn’t enough to move him ahead of Mitchell Trubisky in the Steelers’ quarterback competition. In fact, he fell further behind, at least according to the odds.

SportsBetting updated its QB competition odds following Week 1 of the preseason, and there were some notable movements. 

“We were getting hammered on Trubisky as the starter all week so we moved aggressively, going from -250 to -700,” Robert Cooper, head props trader at the sportsbook said. “Even though Pickett had a solid game and the fans loved him, our betting action suggests we’ll see Trubisky under center in the opener.”

For Seattle’s competition, Geno Smith was a -175 favorite last week and is even higher now. Smith started the game Saturday and he and Drew Lock each played a half.

Baker Mayfield had odds as high as -1500 to be Carolina’s starting quarterback a few weeks ago, but those chances have dipped to -500, currently. Cooper said that the majority of bets have been on Sam Darnold because “there was good value there.”

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Steelers starting QB in Week 1

Mitchell Trubisky -1000

Kenny Pickett +550

Seahawks starting QB in Week 1

Geno Smith -300

Drew Lock +200

Panthers starting QB in Week 1

Baker Mayfield -500

Sam Darnold +300

The Falcons’ QB battle odds have been taken off board due to Marcus Mariota having greater than a 90 percent chance of starting in Week 1.

Remaining NFL Week 1 Preseason Odds

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Check out remaining week 1 NFL preseason odds: 

Friday, 12th August 2022SP/RLTOTALML
6:00 PM
109Falcons+2½ (-110)35½ (-110)125
110Lions-2½ (-110)35½ (-110)-145
7:00 PM
111Browns+1½ (-110)36½ (-110)105
112Jaguars-1½ (-110)36½ (-110)-125
7:30 PM
113Jets-1 (-110)36 (-110)-120
114Eagles+1 (-110)36 (-110)EV
7:30 PM
115Cardinals+1½ (-110)31 (-110)105
116Bengals-1½ (-110)31 (-110)-125
8:30 PM
117Packers+2½ (-105)35½ (-110)125
11849ers-2½ (-115)35½ (-110)-145
Saturday, 13th August 2022SP/RLTOTALML
1:00 PM
119ChiefsPK (-110)37½ (-110)-110
120BearsPK (-110)37½ (-110)-110
1:00 PM
121Panthers+2½ (-110)37 (-110)120
122Commanders-2½ (-110)37 (-110)-140
4:00 PM
123Colts-1½ (-110)36 (-110)-125
124Bills+1½ (-110)36 (-110)105
7:00 PM
125Seahawks+3½ (-110)36½ (-110)145
126Steelers-3½ (-110)36½ (-110)-170
7:30 PM
127Dolphins-1 (-110)30½ (-110)-120
128Buccaneers+1 (-110)30½ (-110)EV
8:00 PM
129Saints-1 (-110)33½ (-110)-120
130Texans+1 (-110)33½ (-110)EV
9:00 PM
131Cowboys+3½ (-110)31½ (-110)145
132Broncos-3½ (-110)31½ (-110)-170
10:00 PM
133Rams+3½ (-110)30 (-110)145
134Chargers-3½ (-110)30 (-110)-170
Sunday, 14th August 2022SP/RLTOTALML
4:25 PM
135Vikings+4 (-110)33½ (-110)160
136Raiders-4 (-110)33½ (-110)-190

NFL Preseason Primer, MLB Super Systems For Friday

Falcons-Lions (-1,35.5)

Shop around on side as line varies. 

🏈Opened Detroit -3, 32.5

🏈Side: 70% of bets, 72% cash on Detroit

🏈OU: 62. 65 respectfully on OVER

Atlanta 1-17 ATS preseason run, 2-16 SU. Veteran Marcus Mariota expected to QB first quarter, rookie Desmond Ridder takes over. Detroit will go with Jared Goff for about two series. Veteran backups David Blough and Tim Boyle follow.

Niners will start QB of the future Trey Lance. Former Eagles prospect Nate Sudfeld follows, then rookie Brock Purdy.  No surprise, Aaron Rogers will sit out for Pack as are most of key offensive weapons. Journeyman Jordan Love get nod at QB for Green Bay.  

Arizona-Cincinnati (-2,31)

🏈Opened Cincinnati -2.5, 33.5

🏈Side: 57% of bets, yet only 20% of money on Bengals

🏈OU: 55% of bets, 84% money on under

NY Jets-Philadelphia (P, 36)

🏈Opened Philadelphia -1.5, 33

🏈Side: 58% of bets, but just 38% of money on Eagles

🏈OU: 98 percent of bets, but just 22% of money on UNDER

Vikings starting QB Kirk Cousins ruled out for Sunday, though would not have played much anyway. Still starting QBs effect NFLX line too. 

Eagles RB Boston Scott is out. 

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Green Bay-San Francisco (-2.5,34)

🏈Opened San Francisco -3, 33.5

🏈Side: 72% of tickets, 84% of money on Niners

🏈OU: 76% of bets and 75% of money on OVER 

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If off home game, 15.1 ROI money, 21.3 run: San Diego, LA Dodgers

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College Football 2022 Odds Posted For Leaders and Every major Statistical Category

The start of the 2022 college football season is closing in. 

Looking at the Heisman Trophy list, there are three clear-cut favorites. But there is a sense among some that a longshot could come out of nowhere to collect the hardware. 

SportsBetting  initially posted Heisman odds way back on December 14 of last year. At that time, Bryce Young was a 3-1 favorite, followed by CJ Stroud (5-1 odds) and Spencer Rattler (7-1 odds). 

But after being the most bet on candidate, Stroud has flipped to the current favorite (full odds below).

Caleb Williams, who initially had 12-1 odds, is now the second favorite at 7-2 (or +350).

Along with the Heisman information, you can find interesting statistical odds for some of the top Heisman candidates at their position. Passing, rushing and receiving props for the 2022 season are below.

Most Passing TDs                   

Bryce Young                +200

C.J. Stroud                   +225

Will Rogers                  +300

Caleb Williams            +350

Brennan Armstrong    +450

Most Passing Yards                

Bryce Young                +210

CJ Stroud                     +225

Will Rogers                  +275

Brennan Armstrong    +300

Caleb Williams            +550

Most Interceptions                

Caleb Williams            +120

Bryce Young                +160

CJ Stroud                     +175

Most Receiving TDs                

Jaxon Smith Njigba     -120

Jordan Addison           -120

Most Receiving Yards            

Jaxon Smith Njigba     -150

Jordan Addison           +110

Most Rushing TDs                  

TreVeyon Henderson  +140

Bijan Robinson            +300

Deuce Vaughn            +300

Sean Tucker                +350

Jahmyr Gibbs              +500

Tank Bigsby                 +900

Most Rushing Yards               

Sean Tucker                +100

Deuce Vaughn            +300

TreVeyon Henderson  +400

Bijan Robinson            +450

Tank Bigsby                 +550

Jahmyr Gibbs              +750

Heisman Conference              

Big 10              +190

SEC                  +250

Pac 12             +300

Big 12              +700

ACC                 +800

Any Other Conference or Independent          +2500

Heisman Position                   

Quarterback                -2000

Any Other Position     +700

Heisman – Top 5 Most Bet

1. CJ Stroud

2. Bryce Young

3. Caleb Williams

4. Dillon Gabriel

5. Jahmyr Gibbs

Heisman – Top 3 Liabilities

1. Devin Leary

2. Cameron Rising

3. Will Levis

Heisman Trophy Odds           

CJ Stroud                     3-1

Caleb Williams            7-2

Bryce Young                5-1

Devin Leary                 25-1

Dillon Gabriel              25-1

Tyler Van Dyke            25-1

Will Anderson Jr          25-1

Bijan Robinson            33-1

DJ Uiagalelei               33-1

Jahmyr Gibbs              33-1

Jaxon Smith-Njigba     40-1

TreVeyon Henderson  40-1

Anthony Richardson   50-1

Hendon Hooker          50-1

Jaxson Dart                 50-1

Quinn Ewers               50-1

Will Levis                     50-1

Braelon Allen              66-1

Brennan Armstrong    66-1

JT Daniels                    66-1

KJ Jefferson                 66-1

Spencer Rattler           66-1

Stetson Bennett          66-1

Bo Nix                          75-1

Devon Achane             75-1

Max Johnson               75-1

Spencer Sanders         75-1

Aidan O’Connell          100-1

Blake Corum               100-1

Cade Klubnik               100-1

Cameron Rising           100-1

Deuce Vaughn            100-1

Grayson McCall           100-1

Haynes King                100-1

John Rhys Plumlee      100-1

Jordan Addison           100-1

Kedon Slovis                100-1

Kendall Milton            100-1

Malik Cunningham      100-1

Phil Jurkovec               100-1

Tank Bigsby                 100-1

Travis Dye                   100-1

Tyler Buchner             100-1

Will Rogers                  100-1

Will Shipley                 100-1

Zach Charbonnet        100-1

Adrian Martinez          150-1

Blake Shapen              150-1

Brock Bowers              150-1

Cade McNamara         150-1

Cameron Ward           150-1

Clayton Tune               150-1

Collin Oliver                150-1

Donovan Edwards       150-1

Jake Heaner                150-1

Jarek Broussard          150-1

Jaren Hall                    150-1

Jase McClellan            150-1

Marvin Harrison Jr.     150-1

Michael Penix Jr.         150-1

Mohamed Ibrahim      150-1

Tanner McKee            150-1

Taulia Tagovailoa        150-1

Ty Thompson              150-1

Zach Evans                  150-1

Sean Tucker                200-1

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