Celtics vs. Kings Winning Spread Bet Backed By Sports Betting NBA Computer Systems That Win

Duffy three free days today with purchase of weekly pick pack! I swept the entire portfolio last night and I am 7-1 last 8 Wise Guys. NBA Wise Guy plus two college basketball. My top simulator model has been in all postseason college and has a winner tonight with nearly an 80 percent chance of covering. Lock in long-term now! OffshoreInsiders.com

Free winner is on Boston at Sacramento. The Celtics are laying -4.5 at the Kings. The free winner bet at MYBookie is

BOSTON -4.5 Sacramento

Rest dynamics generally benefit the home team. When a team has more rest, about 66 percent of the time, it is the home team. However, when the road team is more rested, it nullifies the normal home court advantage and creates an off-line. The Kings are playing back-to-back games with Boston coming in with two days rest. Plus the Kings are off a four-game road trip, so will definitely be the less rested. This is a rare dynamic in the NBA for the road team. Fading far less rested home teams that according to my exclusive math line is overvalued is 111-64-1. 

Away favorites off a loss are generally a good bet because you have an angry superior team. We have such an angle that is 1065-864-35. As long as the team we are betting on did not have at least a five-game winning streak snapped, the winning percentage rises a bit on that angle. 

TCU vs. Gonzaga NCAA Tournament Spread Winner

All but one NCAA Tournament games and NBA GOY at 6:10 ET or later! I am crushing the bookies! I went 5-1 Saturday!Four NCAA Tournament all but one at 6:10 ET or later including a Wise Guy, plus CBI and NIT winners, 2 NBA led by Western Conference Game of the Year. 

Free bet if on TCU vs. Gonzaga NCAA Tournament contest:

TCU +4.5 Gonzaga at MYBookie

Fade NCAA Tournament teams off an offensive explosion when the team we are betting on is not is 61-35. Our top power ratings have this as a two-point game, giving us a 6.4 percent edge. 

Grandmaster Sports Handicapper With Free NBA Pick For Saturday

Joe Duffy has four Wise Guys up for Saturday NCAA Tournament. This is a stunning number especially 2nd round. Five Big Dance winners in all!

Sometimes we can have a full slate with no Wise Guys, but this portfolio is flat out special. So much aligning evidence between the Saturday bets. NBA total added to portfolio. OffshoreInsiders.com

Free pick from Joe Duffy’s Pick is:

MIAMI -3.5 Chicago

Rest dynamics generally benefit the home team. When a team has more rest, about 66 percent of the time, it is the home team. However, when the road team is more rested, it nullifies the normal home court advantage and creates an off line to the tune of 468-367. When metrics indicate the home team is overvalued, the winning percentage is 64.5. 

Miami is 14-20 SU on the road yet laying points on the road to a team that is 19-16 SU at home! Anti-splits angle in which we go with road team with much worse away winning percentage than the home team home winning percentage is995-777. 

First Round NCAA Tournament Winner ATS

34 years I have been giving you NCAA Tournament winners. This is my time. There is a reason I’m called the Lord of the Big Dance!  

8 NCAA Tournament winners for Thursday led by 4 Wise Guys at OffshoreInsiders.com 

Free NCAA Tournament winner from Joe Duffy is 

FURMAN +6 Virginia 

Neutral court teams that have gone will over the total last three games are 167-123. Underdogs with a better road winning percentage under specific situations that apply in this game are 52-33-2 in NCAA Tournament. Big Dance dogs off a win against a team off loss under specific situations that apply in this game are 69-49.  

Free College Basketball Winner ATS to Build March Madness 2023 Bankroll

Grandmaster Handicapper Joe Duffy has 4 minor tournament winners for Tuesday. NBA Wise Guy added as well. Wise Guy plays from Joe Duffy are the single strongest bet in gambling. Get it at OffshoreInsiders.com. Oh Stevie Vincent is an insane 32-8 in college hoops with many moneyline underdogs!

Free pick from the Grandmaster is:

SOUTHERN MISS +10 at MYBookie  to UAB

Big dog in slump over the last several games regress towards the mean and are undervalued to the tune of 350-247-7. Seven of Alabama Birmingham’s last eight games have been on road or neutral courts. Yes, my gut reaction would be that means UAB is undervalued, right? I am driven by facts, never assumptions, though most of my theories prove correct. Not this one. Big home favorites in rare home game are a solid fade at 103-83-3. We also have decent value as our outlaw line is 8.5. 

NCAA Tournament Odds 2023: Favorites and Long Shots for Each Region For Big Dance

Odds are posted to win each region. Check out vetted books like MYBookie to bet these odds. Of course OffshoreInsiders.com led by Grandmaster Handicapper Joe Duffy, AKA Lord of the Big Dance, will have winners all throughout the tournament. 

West Region

Grand Canyon +10000

Northwestern +3600

UNC Asheville +10000

UCLA +350

Nevada +10000

Kansas +320

Iona +10000

Arkansas +2000

VCU +9500

Connecticut +550

Boise State +4100

Arizona State +10000

Saint Mary’s +1000

Gonzaga +400

TCU +900

Illinois +2400

Howard +10000

South Region

UC Santa Barbara +10000

SE Missouri St +10000

Virginia +1000

Furman +10000

Texas A&M-CC +10000

San Diego State +1000

WV Mountaineers +1600

Missouri +4300

Creighton +750

NC State +4100

Maryland +1700

Baylor +550

Alabama +200

Charleston +8000

Utah State +4600

Arizona +440

Midwest Region

Kent State +10000

Indiana +1100

Texas A&M +1000

Pittsburgh +9000

Houston +135

Colgate +10000

Northern Kentucky +10000

Penn State +2600

Miami +1300

Kennesaw State +10000

Texas +450

Drake +7000

Iowa State +1600

Iowa +2100

Mississippi State +6500

Xavier +900

Auburn +3700

East Region

Marquette +420

Florida Atlantic +2700

Providence +2700

Purdue +300

Louisiana +9500

Kentucky +850

Tennessee +500

Texas Southern +10000

Kansas State +900

Montana State +10000

USC +2700

Memphis +1800

Vermont +10000

Oral Roberts +10000

Duke +900

Michigan State +1200

NBA Free Bet Friday From Top Basketball Handicapper of 2023

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Free NBA winner is:

MIAMI +1.5 Cleveland at Bovada

Home underdogs continue to enjoy their best season in history. Under specific situations that apply in this game they are 159-119-3 in this historic campaign. Underdog that is cold ATS versus team hot ATS is 111-76-2. This is yet another in a long line of regression to the mean angles that make my clients and me a fortune. It is 7-3 this season. This is a solid contrarian bet too. 

Free NBA Pick For Tuesday

Joe Duffy has a free pick for Tuesday. He has a nice premium late night portfolio too!

Entire card 10 ET or later. By strange fluke, all 3 winners are west coast late name games. 2 college basketball sides are up from Mr. March. NBA side using a metric that is having one of its best seasons ever.  

This is the annual Million Dollar March where the coffee is brewed and the 16-hour days mean massive winnings from America’s only Grandmaster Sports Handicapper Joe Duffy at OffshoreInsiders.com



Fortunately, home underdogs are cooling off an many of our top systems that have to do with angry away favorites are back to winning. Wizards are on a two-game losing streak but big road favorites in losing streak are 320-203-13. 

Fade big home dogs if not off a low scoring game and with a substantial amount of rest and neither team has an extreme winning percentage 728-522-31. 

2023 Men’s Basketball Conference Tournament Odds; Big Dance Final 4 Odds

Final 4 Odds 2023; Conference Tournament Odds power conferences from Bovada

CAA Tournament 

3/7/23 12:00 PM 

CAA Tournament Winner 

            Coll Of Charleston-115 



            NC Wilmington+900 

WCC Tournament 

3/7/23 6:00 PM 

WCC Tournament Winner 

            Gonzaga (#9)-150 

            St Mary’s (#16)+125 


            San Francisco+3500 

Horizon League Tournament 

3/7/23 7:00 PM 

Horizon League – Tournament Winner 

            Youngstown State+125 

            Cleveland State+250 

            Northern Kentucky+325 

            Wisconsin Milwaukee+600 

Summit Tournament 

3/7/23 8:00 PM 

Summit Tournament Winner 

            Oral Roberts-250 

            South Dakota State+450 

            North Dakota State+750 

            St. Thomas +1000 

Big Sky Tournament 

3/8/23 9:30 PM 

Big Sky Tournament Winner 

            Montana State-175 


            Northern Arizona+950 

            Weber State+1200 

            Sacramento State+2000 

            Idaho State+2200 

America East Tournament 

3/11/23 12:00 PM 

America East Tournament Winner 


            UMASS Lowell+175 

            New Hampshire +3300 


Big West Tournament 

3/11/23 12:00 PM 

Big West Tournament Winner 

            Cal Irvine+200 

            Cal Santa Barbara+275 

            CS Fullerton+500 


            UC Davis+900 

            Cal Riverside+1000 

            Long Beach State+1000 

            CS Bakersfield+10000 

            CS Northridge+25000 

            Cal Poly SLO+30000    

Big West Tournament 

3/11/23 12:00 PM 

To Reach Big West Championship Game 

            Cal Irvine-175 

            Cal Santa Barbara+115 

            Cal Riverside+225 


            CS Fullerton+275 

            UC Davis+300 

            Long Beach State+450 

            CS Bakersfield+4000 

            CS Northridge+10000 

            Cal Poly SLO+10000 

SWAC Tournament 

3/11/23 12:00 PM 

SWAC Tournament Winner 


            Alcorn State+400 


            Prairie View A&M+850 

            Jackson State +1200 

            Texas Southern+1200 

            Alabama A&M+1600 

            Bethune Cookman+5000 

SWAC Tournament 

3/11/23 12:00 PM 

To Reach SWAC Championship Game 


            Alcorn State+175 

            Prairie View A&M+250 


            Alabama A&M+450 

            Jackson State +450 

            Texas Southern+450 

            Bethune Cookman+1500 

MEAC Tournament 

3/11/23 1:00 PM 

MEAC Tournament Winner 

            NC Central+150 

            Norfolk State+250 

            Howard +325

            MD Eastern Shore+650 

            Morgan State+2000 

            South Carolina State+4000 

            Coppin State+6000 

            Delaware State+10000 

MEAC Tournament 

3/11/23 1:00 PM 

To Reach MEAC Championship Game 

            NC Central-140 

            Norfolk State-125 

            Howard -115

            MD Eastern Shore+150 

            Morgan State+325 

            South Carolina State+1200 

            Coppin State+1800 

            Delaware State+5000 

Mountain West Tournament 

3/11/23 2:00 PM 

Mountain West Tournament Winner 

            San Diego State (#20)+150 

            Boise State+350 

            Utah State+375 


            New Mexico+1000 


            Fresno State+4000 

            San Jose State+4000 

            Colorado State+5000 

            Air Force+20000 


Mountain West Tournament 

3/11/23 2:00 PM 

To Reach Mountain West Championship Game 

            San Diego State (#20)-240 

            Boise State+140 

            Utah State+140 



            New Mexico+500 

            San Jose State+1200 

            Colorado State+1600 

            Fresno State+4000 

            Air Force+10000 


Big 12 Tournament 

3/11/23 6:00 PM 

Big 12 Tournament Winner 

            Kansas (#3)+300 

            Texas (#7)+300 

            Baylor (#10)+450 

            Iowa State +650 

            Kansas State (#12)+650 

            TCU (#22)+700

            West Virginia+1400 

            Oklahoma State+3000 

            Texas Tech +3300 


Big 12 Tournament 

3/11/23 6:00 PM 

To Reach Big 12 Championship Game 

            Texas (#7)-125 

            Kansas (#3)+120 

            Baylor (#10)+175 

            TCU (#22)+260 

            Kansas State (#12)+325 

            Iowa State +350 

            West Virginia+750 

            Oklahoma State+1000 

            Texas Tech +1000 


Pac-12 Tournament 

3/11/23 6:00 PM 

Pac-12 Tournament Winner 

            UCLA (#2)+110 

            Arizona (#8)+200 



            Arizona State+1400 

            Washington State+1400 

            Utah U+2500





            Oregon State+50000 

Pac-12 Tournament 

3/11/23 6:00 PM 

To Reach Pac-12 Championship Game 

            UCLA (#2)-400 

            Arizona (#8)-200 



            Arizona State+600 

            Washington State+675 


            Utah U+1200




            Oregon State+25000 

Big East Tournament 

3/11/23 6:30 PM 

Big East Tournament Winner 

            Connecticut (#11)+200 

            Creighton (#24)+275 

            Marquette (#6)+300 

            Xavier (#15)+550 



            Seton Hall+2800 

            St. John’s+6600 


            DePaul +25000 


Conference USA Tournament 

3/11/23 7:30 PM 

Conference USA Tournament Winner 

            Florida Atlantic+140 


            North Texas+250 


            Middle Tenn St+1800 

            Western Kentucky +9000 

            Louisiana Tech+10000 



            Florida International+15000 


Conference USA Tournament 

3/11/23 7:30 PM 

To Reach Conference USA Championship Game 

            Florida Atlantic-400 


            North Texas+110 


            Middle Tenn St+550 

            Louisiana Tech+1600 

            Western Kentucky +2000 



            Florida International+10000 


MAC Tournament 

3/11/23 7:30 PM 

MAC Tournament Winner 

            Kent State+175 




            Ball State+1400 


            Northern Illinois +8000 

            Miami Ohio+12500 

MAC Tournament 

3/11/23 7:30 PM 

To Reach MAC Tournament Championship Game 


            Kent State-210 



            Ball State+450 


            Northern Illinois +2200 

            Miami Ohio+2800 

ACC Tournament 

3/11/23 8:30 PM 

ACC Tournament Winner 

            Duke (#21)+250 

            Virginia (#13)+300 

            Miami Florida (#14)+325 


            North Carolina+650 

            NC State+1200


            Virginia Tech+3000 

            Wake Forest+4000 


            Florida State+15000 

            Boston College+20000 


            Georgia Tech+30000 

            Notre Dame+50000 

ACC Tournament 

3/11/23 8:30 PM 

To Reach ACC Championship Game 

            Duke (#21)-110 

            Miami Florida (#14)+135 

            Virginia (#13)+165 

            North Carolina+220 


            NC State+425 


            Virginia Tech+1100 

            Wake Forest+1100 


            Boston College+10000 

            Florida State+10000 

            Georgia Tech+12500 

            Notre Dame+15000 


WAC Tournament 

3/11/23 8:30 PM 

WAC Tournament Winner 

            Sam Houston State+120 

            Utah Valley+165 

            Southern Utah+700 

            Grand Canyon+1400 

            Seattle U+1400 

            Tarleton State+2000 

            Stephen F. Austin+2500 

            California Baptist+3500 

            Utah Tech+4000 

            Abilene Christian+10000 

            UT Arlington+20000 

            UT Rio Grande Valley+35000 

WAC Tournament 

3/11/23 8:30 PM 

To Reach WAC Championship Game 

            Sam Houston State-140 

            Utah Valley-140 

            Southern Utah+250 

            Stephen F. Austin+250 

            Grand Canyon+330 

            Seattle U+600 

            California Baptist+750 

            Tarleton State+1400 

            Utah Tech+1600 

            Abilene Christian+2200 

            UT Arlington+5000 

            UT Rio Grande Valley+15000 

American Athletic Tournament 

3/12/23 11:00 AM 

American Athletic Tournament Winner 

            Houston (#1)-300 




            Central Florida+3000 


            Wichita State+3000 

            South Florida+12500 

            East Carolina+25000 



American Athletic Tournament 

3/12/23 11:00 AM 

To Reach American Athletic Championship Game 

            Houston (#1)-1400 




            Central Florida+800 


            Wichita State+2100 

            East Carolina+5000 


            South Florida+5000 


Atlantic 10 Tournament 

3/12/23 12:00 PM 

Atlantic 10 Tournament Winner 

            Dayton +140

            Va Commonwealth+200 

            Saint Louis+450 

            Duquesne +900 



            George Mason+2500 

            George Washington+6500 

            St. Bonaventure+7000 


            St. Joseph’s+8000 


            La Salle+25000 

            Rhode Island+25000 

            Loyola Chicago+30000 

Atlantic 10 Tournament 

3/12/23 12:00 PM 

To Reach Atlantic 10 Championship Game 

            Dayton -350

            Va Commonwealth-200 

            Saint Louis+175 


            Duquesne +500 


            George Mason+950 


            St. Bonaventure+2500 

            George Washington+3000 

            St. Joseph’s+3300 


            La Salle+7000 

            Loyola Chicago+8000 

            Rhode Island+9000 

SEC Tournament 

3/12/23 12:00 PM 

SEC Tournament Winner 

            Alabama (#4)+150 

            Tennessee (#17)+275 

            Kentucky (#23)+450 

            Texas A&M (#18)+500 


            Auburn +1200 

            Missouri (#25)+2500 


            Mississippi State+4500 




            South Carolina+80000


SEC Tournament 

3/12/23 12:00 PM 

To Reach SEC Championship Game 

            Alabama (#4)-150 

            Tennessee (#17)EVEN 

            Kentucky (#23)+110 

            Texas A&M (#18)+260 


            Auburn +500


            Missouri (#25)+1600 


            Mississippi State+3000 



            South Carolina+40000 


Big Ten Tournament 

3/12/23 1:00 PM 

Big Ten Tournament Winner 

            Purdue (#5)+140 

            Indiana (#19)+550 

            Maryland +600 

            Michigan State+650 

            Northwestern +850 


            Illinois +1200 

            Michigan +2500 

            Penn State+2500 

            Rutgers +2500 

            Ohio State+5000 




Big Ten Tournament 

3/12/23 1:00 PM 

To Reach Big Ten Championship Game 

            Purdue (#5)-120 

            Indiana (#19)+150 

            Maryland +250 

            Michigan State+300 

            Northwestern +325 

            Illinois +400 


            Rutgers +800 

            Penn State+1000 

            Michigan +1100 

            Ohio State+2000 




2023 NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Tournament – March Madness 

4/3/23 9:00 PM 

Outright Winner 

            Houston (#1)+550 

            Alabama (#4)+800 

            Kansas (#3)+800 

            UCLA (#2)+900 

            Purdue (#5)+1100 

            Connecticut (#11)+1400 

            Arizona (#8)+1600 

            Baylor (#10)+1800 

            Gonzaga (#9)+2000 

            Texas (#7)+2000 

            Marquette (#6)+3000 

            TCU (#22)+3000 

            Tennessee (#17)+3000 

            Creighton (#24)+3500 

            Indiana (#19)+3500 

            Kansas State (#12)+3500 

            Kentucky (#23)+3500 

            St Mary’s (#16)+3500 

            Virginia (#13)+3500 

            Miami Florida (#14)+4000 

            Xavier (#15)+4000 

            Duke (#21)+5000 

            Iowa State +6000 

            Texas A&M (#18)+6500 


            San Diego State (#20)+7000 

            Illinois +8000 

            North Carolina+8000

            Auburn +9000 

            Iowa +9000 

            Maryland +9000 

            Michigan State+9000 

            West Virginia+9000 


            Northwestern +10000 


            Rutgers +10000 


            Boise State+12500 

            Arizona State+15000 



            Missouri (#25)+17500 

            Oklahoma State+17500 

            Dayton +20000 

            Florida Atlantic+20000 

            Michigan +20000 

            NC State +20000 

            Texas Tech +20000 


            Virginia Commonwealth+20000 

            Mississippi State+25000 


            Penn State+25000 



            New Mexico+30000 

            Oregon +30000 



            Utah State+30000 

            Virginia Tech+30000 

            Wake Forest+30000 


            Oral Roberts+40000 


            Utah U+40000 

            Washington State+40000 



            Colorado State+50000 


            Florida State+50000 

            Ohio State+50000 

            Saint Louis+50000 



2023 NCAA DI Men’s Basketball Tournament – March Madness 

4/3/23 9:00 PM 

To Make The Final 4 

            Houston (#1)EVEN 

            Alabama (#4)+150 

            Kansas (#3)+150 

            UCLA (#2)+200 

            Arizona (#8)+275 

            Baylor (#10)+300 

            Purdue (#5)+300 

            Connecticut (#11)+475 

            Gonzaga (#9)+475 

            Texas (#7)+550 

            Marquette (#6)+600 

            TCU (#22)+750 

            Virginia (#13)+800 

            Miami Florida (#14)+900 

            St Mary’s (#16)+900 

            Creighton (#24)+1000 

            Tennessee (#17)+1000 

            Indiana (#19)+1100 

            Kentucky (#23)+1200 

            Kansas State (#12)+1400 

            Xavier (#15)+1400 


            Duke (#21)+1600 

            Michigan State+1800 

            Maryland +2000 

            Illinois +2200 

            Iowa +2200 

            Iowa State +2200 

            Rutgers +2200

            Texas A&M (#18)+2200 

            West Virginia+2500 

            North Carolina+2800 

            San Diego State (#20)+2800 




            Auburn +4000 


            Michigan +4000 

            NC State +4000 

            Oklahoma State+4000 

            Texas Tech +4000 

            Arizona State+4500 

            Missouri (#25)+4500 


            Boise State+6500 


            Dayton +6500 


            Mississippi State+6500 

            Oral Roberts+6500 

            Penn State+6500 


            Utah State+6500 


            Virginia Commonwealth+6500 

            Virginia Tech+6500 



            Utah U+10000 

            Washington State+10000 



            Oregon +12500 



            Ohio State+15000 

            Saint Louis+15000 

            Wake Forest+15000 

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